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Peaceful, marvellous location with private beach and close to aare and waare beach as well. You can enjoy the sea facing views from all rooms, listen to the waves and breathe fresh air.
We stayed at this place on Diwali 2020 (14th and 15th November). And it was really great with Aare Ware beach resort.
Staff and owner were very supportive and food was tasty.
Beach had less crowd and no tourist activities held there was the plus point, I feel.
If you are a birdwatcher you will enjoy the stay more. Cloropsis or leafbird, crimson sunbird grey hornbill visit the trees in the campus of resort.
There is a place to sit and enjoy near parking. You can look at ocean or the greenery on the other side of the road. Good architectural design.
Jaigad (fort), Karhateshwar temple and many more places to visit nearby.
In a nutshell, enjoy the sunset at the beach, have a nice food and lay down in the room listening to the music played by nature…
Loved it and wish to visit once again.

Snehal Neel

A very beautiful & pleasant atmosphere to stay and nicely developed resort, a very delicious home made sea food, and the very beautiful beach to enjoy and to relieve the stress

Uday S

मला भावलेलं रत्नागिरीतलं एक अप्रतिम ठीकाण “आरेवारे बीच रिसॉर्ट”

कोकणातील एका युवा इंजिनियरने इलेक्ट्रिसीटी नसताना सौर यंत्रणेवर चालवलेला अप्रतिम होमस्टे…

थांयलडमधल्या पुकेट समुद्रकिनाऱ्यापेक्षाही रत्नागिरी व गणपतीपुळेच्या दरम्यान आरेवारे समुद्रकिनारा कोकणाच्या सौंदर्याचा मानबिंदु आणि एक अप्रतिम पर्यटन परिसर. तसेच या पर्यटनाचा केंद्रबिंदु म्हणुन प्रसन्न मयेकर यांचा आरेवारे बीच रिसॉर्ट. 360° मध्ये पसरलेला, पांढऱ्याशुभ्र वाळुचा, सलग सुंदर समुद्र किनारा, स्वच्छ निळेशार पाणी आणि निरव शांतता अशा या परिसरातील अप्रतिम होमस्टे. निसर्गाच्या अतिउच्च सौंदर्यबिंदुला कधी संधी मिळाली तर, प्रसन्न मयेकरच्या या देखण्या होमस्टेला अवश्य भेट द्या.
केवळ शासनाच्या मागे लागण्यापेक्षा व चर्चेपेक्षा पर्यटन व्यवसाय सुरु करु इच्छिणाऱ्या तरुणांनी एकदातरी अवश्य भेट दया. इलेक्ट्रिसीटी नसताना सौर यंत्रणेवर उभारलेला कोकणातला प्रसन्न मयेकरचा प्रकल्प हा तरुणांमध्ये पर्यटनांचा आत्मविश्वास निर्माण करु शकतो. इतकी प्रंचड ऊर्जा प्रसन्न मयेकरच्या आरेवारे बीच रिसॉर्टमध्ये आहे.

भेटीसाठी प्रसन्न मयेकर मो. नं – ९९२३५६००४० यांना अवश्य भेट द्या.

वेबसाईट – http://www.aarewarebeachresort.com/

किशोर धारिया
(हिरवळ प्रतष्ठान)

किशोर धारिया (हिरवळ प्रतष्ठान)

It’s the little things that make a difference and separate the good from the great, and AARE Ware Beach Resort does this abundance.Spacious Rooms with attached balcony and u just cannot miss the mouth watering food with first class facilities. However, its the people and the service provided that make a stay at this place so special.We really loved n enjoyed our stay here, it’s the place we can visit again n would recommend everyone….Aare Ware Beach Resort ROCKS……

Satish Dalvi

I have been seeing this place right through its Construction. The location is awesome. The owner who himself is Electrical engineer, have put tremendous efforts to develop the resort Nd surrounding. Its a perfect blend of Luxury and village stay. The cuisine from local veterans make the food homely. A great experience and wish Aare-ware resort, all the best

Atul Oturkar

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